We are changing the way of the farmer. Disruption is at our core, automating farms, simplifying supply chains, making a new fresh and creating new farming jobs.


We are an agritech machine. The way we produce farms in comparison to open field production and greenhouse production is what makes us special.

  • Tech enabled

    Using IOT, AI to automate from seeding to harvesting.

  • Research & development

    Exploring new produce beyond the norm.

  • Sustainable

    Renewable energy, full recycling and sustainable practices used.

  • Full climate

    We control the full climate imagine cherry tomatoes from Tuscany in the outback.


We are farming right around the corner. Our farms will be located in city areas across the region including Perth, Sydney, Singapore, Jakarta and beyond…

Our farms are built using sustainable materials with a goal to access to renewable energy, maximising our chance to reduce carbon emissions and be a true sustainable indoor vertical farm.

🥬 A farm in every major city of Australia

🥬 One of the largest commercial scale vertical farming growers

🥬 Future Food Company with Future Crops and Food

🥬 Exciting new R&D solving real food security and food access

🥬 Growing beyond our current market into a regional player