Eden Towers is a dynamic and innovative future food company that is shaking up the fresh produce industry with its cutting-edge vertical farming technology and downstream processing.

  • Healthy

    High quality, long lasting nutritious, fresh produce with amazing taste.

  • Natural

    Crops are grown in a clean environment with no pesticides, GMOs, toxins or other nasty stuff.

  • Local

    We grow exact volumes all year round in your city, reducing waste and food miles.

  • Smart

    Using 98% less water, with 1/10th space and up to 15x efficiency compared to normal farms.

  • Sustainable

    We are a progressive ESG project with socially conscious operations, zero emissions and full recycling.

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From the new garden of Eden, we’re bringing amazing fresh produce all year round to your table. With high-tech vertical farms around the corner from you, our mission is to create sustainable produce that promotes a healthier & tastier future. We’re making leafy greens and vegetables so fresh, they pop with flavour and taste.

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  • 01.

    Take a field

  • 02.

    Segment the field

  • 03.

    Stack the segments 12m high

  • 04.

    Put segments in controlled building

  • 05.

    Create the climate inside the controlled building

  • 06.

    Control it with your device