At Eden Towers we want to see people becoming healthy from the inside, providing fresh produce loaded with nutrition to help immunity and good health.

Founded by Julia and Christian with a passion for disruption, eating healthy and setting up business that have a positive impact on the environment. When we looked at fresh produce value chain we realised that there is major problem in the system. The food we eat today isn’t fresh, isn’t clean and is heavily processed – lots of nasty stuff.

The agriculture industry is an intense industry on our planet and hasn’t changed much in decades. The value chain for consumers to get fresh produce is complicated, sometimes 10 steps from the farm gate to our plate. We think this approach is not healthy and that there is a better way… this is why we created Eden Towers.

  • Seasonality changes

    A rapidly changing climate not only threatens farming supply, but also food quality and security. 

  • Prices rise

    As we experience population growth and increasing food demand, farming labour costs and produce prices are rising.

  • Changes in land use

    Farms are being pushed out of city limits, creating more miles between the farm and your table.

  • Toxins

    To get more yields and year round production, farmers use more toxins and GMOs, which we eat.

  • Food security

    Nations with limited internal growing capacity struggle when key food types are unable to be imported or grown internally.

  • We are building sustainable indoor vertical farms of the future. Our farms are not comparable to open field or greenhouse farms. We farm vertically and use 98% less water, 1/10th of the space, create almost zero emissions and we use cool stuff like IoT, AI & robots to automate from seeding to harvesting. This is true farm to plate!

  • Apart from just farming we also have a vision to change the way we eat, we go direct from our farms to the consumer. Meaning that the freshest and best produce is delivered without the current complicated and fresh reducing steps. Farming hyper-local in your city with almost zero food miles. 

  • Our team is passionate about food, sustainability and disruption. The mission for us is to be better people and build companies with positive impact on the environment. Our two founders are supported by an amazing team delivering our mission.